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Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi is a non-profit organization. It is initiating the development project to getting a resource for sustainable Livelihood.
We as a society are not reacting in the right way to people that have some type of disability. The attitude that our society has toward disability is not good and we should be working on changing it. People that are struggling with disabilities don’t deserve the treatment that they are getting from society.

‘BHARARI MATS’ is a handmade product made by such people who are suffering from different disabilities. These mats are multipurpose mats which can use in cars, home décor on sofas, on chairs, and for various other purposes.

Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi has been giving people with disabilities the tools they need to build their careers and become independent contributors to their family.
They give appropriate training and work to these people so that they can be financially independent and self-sufficient.

Below are the stories of some people who have become successful in their work:

• Devangana Salote she is 16 years old and a native of Mendha village of Bhandara district. She is suffering from Locomotors disability (55%) with no legs and only 1 hand. She has studied till 10th standard and currently studying in Arts College. However, due to this physical adversity, it is very hard for her to continue with education as well as finding a suitable job. In 2018 AAA trained her with the art of knitting and now she could easily make things with the help of her mother.

• Tara Pawar 39 years old lady is suffering from sickle cell. A native of Aamgaon from Gondia district she has done schooling till 8th standard. She always had constraints when it comes to work due to her illness. Earlier she used to work as a farm laborer and in MNREGA as per availability of work. However, due to the existing limitations, the work used to take a toll on her and she would fall ill often also the irregularity in the availability of work couldn’t inspire enough confidence. Back in 2017, she got trained by AAA and she started making this beautiful home décor stuffs out of waste fabric. Not only she is getting assured work but also the work is not taking a toll on her physically. This work has given her confidence and she is very happy that she is contributing to taking care of finances

• Nirmala Chowdhary a native of Pimpalgaon a village from Chandrapur came to a small village called Mendha of Bhandara district in 1993 after her marriage. Before tying the knot she studied till 10th standard. But, as Nirmala is suffering from a locomotor disability she couldn’t work throughout her whole life. Her husband works as a small civil contractor in and around Lakhandur village.

• Vandana Baghmare a 45-year-old lady, native of Mendha born with locomotor disability. Due to this disability, she can’t work on farms and also she couldn’t marry. She used to do the stitching of blouse and other things but as the village is small she couldn’t fetch much work to sustain financially. Also, 3 years back she got operated with some chest issues so the stitching work has to be stopped. Then the training by AAA came as a saviour and trained her with stitching. With all the limitations she has this knitting work is playing a vital role in her upliftment financially and socially. She is very thankful to this work which helped her to overcome the fear and insecurity she is facing since her birth.

• Niraksha Kumbhare a native of Sohni village of Bhandara district. She is 28 years old born with loco-motor disability. She has studied till 10th standard but couldn’t continue further due to financial crises. She is used to working as a farm labourer in her family-owned farm and other farms. However, the physical limitations were always there. The disability came with the fear and insecurity also. However, since she got trained by AAA she got a new lease of life. She is working, earning money, taming her fear and insecurity.

• Jayram Chowdhary a native of Chaparral used to work as a farm labourer. He is 62 years old. 15 years ago his right hand went into the thresher machine and he lost his hand from elbow. The loss of 1 hand came with the loosing of a job too. In 2017 he got training by AAA and he started making beautiful home décor stuffs out of waste. Jayram Ji experienced a lot of adverse things after he met with an accident. However, after his work of knitting, he is experiencing more satisfaction of work and also the social acceptance.

We at Bayaweaves are helping out AAA to reach their product to many people. We are here to help them sell their amazing product and give a contribution to their talent and work.



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