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Your most reliable Saree collection - Andhra Cotton Sarees!

Cotton is not just a piece of fabric but an emotion that we experience. When our mother would dab our messy face with their cotton saree palla or when we managed to run around in the house wearing our father’s soft but humungous cotton shirt or kurta, the care and comfort of the fabric are what makes these memories last forever.
Why are we talking about Cotton? Because we at BayaWeaves have an exclusive Andhra Cotton Saree collection for all the cotton lovers. These sarees are woven by the handloom weavers from Srikakulam and East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Their craft is sure to take you back to those early years of happy life experiences as you drape these light and comfortable Andhra Sarees.

1.The Brick Saree:
Everything looks great with the blooming shades of reds in it. This Andhra Brick Saree is comfortably light and portrays a spectrum of brick shades that illuminates the beauty as the colour is a 100% match for all the skin and body types. Its palla with tassels and different textures of the colour red complements the Saree and makes it wearable for any and every occasion.

2.The Ballakami Piano White Red Green:
This Ballkami Piano Weave is the best for any season as it offers a great amount of breathability due to the fabric. The colour combination of all brights and statement borders brings simplicity mixed with a sense of modish outlook alive. Pair it with Jhumkas or Neckpieces or add the colour pop with statement accessories for different looks every time you drape this one.

3.The Jamdhani 3 Triangle Butta Yellow Green:
Yellow is a colour that brightens everyone’s mood. Drape this beautiful piece of Jamdhani cotton saree and make everyone stare at you with the bright eyes even on the gloomiest day. The 3 triangle pattern makes the saree even more alluring for its simplistic yet eye-catchy style when paired with the right accessories.
Pro Tip: Play around with the pallu to give the saree a different look every time!

4.The Goda Dobby Butta White Blue:
This is another White surprise created with traditional weaving techniques. The Goda Dobby Butta with blue and black borders is perfect for the hot or humid Indian climate as it is extremely airy and easy to drape. Pairing it with a contrasting crop-top or a blouse and adding up a few statement pieces makes it a go-to for every occasion.

5.The Rudraksh Dobby Green:
Bright colours grab the attention of your eye from miles away. This particular Dobby loom Andhra green Saree is the perfect pick for the times when you want to be the centre of attention. A piece of simple jewellery will also make everyone’s eyes turn while you glide across the room. The saree is light in weight and the fabric avoids any kind of drooping as it accentuates your feminine side.

6.The Goda Plus Dobby Blue:
This bright blue, when paired with a black crop top, can change the way it looks just by playing around with the palla. This cotton goda plus dobby saree is most comfortable for it is light n weight, easy to drape, and perfect for any occasion when styled with different accessories.

7.The Wave Dobby Red Black:
This Red-black dobby loom saree is an outcome of the Kupaddam technique where two weavers together weave at the same time to create contrast colour temple borders. Their efforts and precision lead to this beautifully light and breathable Saree that’s the best bet for your workdays or even festive occasions with the right accessories.

8.The Green Beauty:
This mixture of dark and bright greens with yellow is a result of the traditional Kupaddam technique. Breathable in nature, this saree is the perfect pick for occasions and festivals based on the colour of the blouse that you’d choose it to go along with. Black, Yellow, green, either of these colours are sure to make this saree stand out for all.

A Cotton Saree is not just a piece of clothing in the wardrobe but the most reliable and must-haves for your clothing collection. 

Take a look at the whole collection of our Andhra Cotton Sarees  here  

Written By: Esha Karbhari

Models: Esha, Surbhi, Ashwini, Neha.



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