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KoriKrafts is a place where we create and present handmade craft products. Our current focus is on fashion accessories. We specialise in paper quilling and silk thread jewellery.

Korikraft began it's journey in 2017 when Preeti Kori, the founder behind Korikraft began selling handcrafted accessories through Instagram and WhatsApp. Since then Korikraft has steadily gained momentum and now boasts of a steady stream of new designs that are quickly brought by a supportive community that has grown around the brand.

After tying up with various stores such as Pagdandi to sell our fashion accessories as a premium product. Korikraft is proud to be associated with Bayaweaves. It is a partnership that will surely bring more people to empathize with the sentiment behind our products which are made with great care and affection.

For us at Korikraft, our products are not just gifts accessories, they are art.

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