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WeaverBird is a social enterprise founded by Ms.Medha Shah in Vadodara Gujrat. It was started in 2016 to promote the use of organic, hand-spun and handwoven cotton as a conscious fashion choice. Farmer in Rajkot cultivates cotton organically which is GM (Genetically Modified) free, which is then purchased by WeaverBird. The Artisans groups then process the cotton using natural dyes and herbal wash with shikakai and reetha to soften the fabric. WeaverBird is totally into sustainable clothing. The yarn used is hand-spun and further, the fabric is handwoven too- The craft like spinning and weaving involves personal attention. Being the most polluting cash crop and now becoming the largest single organic crop, Weaver Bird is on a large scale.

WeaverBird is totally into sustainable clothing. Organic farming conserves biodiversity, improves soil health, and reduces the consumption of water and energy, overall it reduces the carbon footprint of the garment. Weaverbird is Free from chlorinated scouring. Dyeing is the second largest contributor to the world’s water pollution. The use of natural products for scouring, printing, dyeing reduces our part in water pollution.

WeaverBird’s collection includes apparel for both men and women –kurtas, tunics, and stoles.

This collaboration between WeaverBird and BayaWeaves has been a great opportunity for us to bring our products to a larger audience who appreciate products that are organic and made with love. We, at BayaWeaves, are paving the way for artisans to reach an urban market along with helping small businesses spread all over the country.
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