About the Founders

BayaWeaves is a passion project of two friends - Akash Naoghare and Vishaka Ayalur. Both come with the same mission - to build a community of people, who love handwoven fabrics and understand the need for consuming artisan-made products.

Akash Naoghare

Akash, an Engineer who shifted to Economics upon observing the disparity of income distribution amongst various strata of people. His experience in Akdee Clothing made him realize the amount of harm we are causing by shying away from the art of handloom and natural dyeing and printing. In a country like India, where employment is a big issue, labor intensive profession like handloom and allied vocations can play a big role in providing employment, all the while also keeping the indigenous art and tradition alive. By practising this we can also minimize the overall carbon footprint and virtual water content in the garment industry. This awareness prompted Akash to work on Block Printing and Handloom, eventually paving way for BayaWeaves with Vishaka.

Vishaka Ayalur

A post-graduate in German Literature,a teacher of German for 9 years and a Volunteer English Teacher - Vishaka hadn't seen the world beyond teaching for years now. But, things changed when she started a fashion blog with three other friends. She realised her love and passion for artisan-made products and her zest to know more about handwoven fabrics lead her to a dream . A dream to give the weavers and artisans of India a bigger stage.